Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam

We did it again, the sistas met up for a night's out again and last weekend,we ended up in E-Gate:)
One of our sista had to work on that Sat and so, her boyfriend came along with her and joined us for dinner.
We were deciding on what to eat when Jennifer just suggested Old Town although she was concerned and for a moment doubted whether I had anything to eat:p
I gave her the green light, I am okay with anything...I will survive!

We went into Old Town which was kinda packed at that time...and found ourselves a little table at the corner of the shop.
They ordered this, the toast bread with butter and kaya (I think, the original toast)
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They seemed to like it very much:D

2 of them ordered the Curry Mee...RM4.80
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They seemed to like it as well:)

This is the "Xi Mui Lai Cha" (Directly translated as Stocking Tea...disgusting huh?:p )
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Everyone at the table ordered this....

And me? Being the odd one out and the outlier, I ordered fave, Honey lemon tea:)
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And this was what the only guy ordered; Nasi Lemak:)
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He was about to start when my sista told him, "Wait for my sista to take photo first"

He was soon fascinated when he saw me taking pics of all the food and he even asked me whether I have taken pic of his drink!!!
Hahaha....his gf told him yes, I am always very fast with photos...
Then he commented that his drink was already blended nicely and that I probably took the one which just arrived...
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Good point..and his definitely looks great!!:D
Thanks ya!

And this is what my other sista and I ordered; the Tomyam Beehoon with crabsticks...RM5.50...
Okay..this must be one of the worst tomyam beehoon I have ever tasted and the tomyam paste was just...UGH!
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Anyway, my sista who recommended this felt guilty..and I assured her it's not her..I am just too picky!! Haha..there's not much from the menu that I can pick anyway...;)
My other 2 sistas helped me to finish since there was way too much for me to finish:p
Furthermore, they get to eat the crabsticks since I am allergic to those artificial crabsticks:p


  1. i like their nasi lemak and their toast very much! haven't eat that for quite some time! feel like popping over to the restaurant now!

  2. You should try their Ipoh Hor Hee, that's good, am sure you can have that.. it's like Penang Koay Teow Th'ng. But that's Ipoh version!

  3. wenching&eesiong, haha...go go, faster drive to Old Town now:P

    new kid, hehe...I am not a fan of Old Town..or Koay Teow Th'ng...but thanks for the recommendation, I must tell my friends so they will order and I have the pics:D