Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Song River Seafood

Another Gurney endeavour??
Haha...we simply love Gurney these few days huh?Hehehe....
DearDear had been recommending this restaurant for some time and I have also read about this in other blogs...but we never get to try it out...finally we went for it last Sunday:)
It's by Gurney Drive...located in one of the corner coffee shops...
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It's usually pretty packed...it starts business at 6pm and I remembered the last time; our first attempt, we left when they told us we need to wait for 30 mins or more:p
This time we were pretty lucky; not that crowded at this hour yet:)
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Our drinks...Barley...RM1 each...
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The front part of the coffee shop
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There's other stalls around; this happened to be the last stall for Tai Chow and DearDear said was the owner...
Anchor tenant I guess:)
All the tables belong to them...and I bet they had the most customers and highest stats of business.
No wonder most of the stalls were closed on Sunday; guess they know they can in no way compete:p

Our Fish....the steamed garoupa fish fillets...2 pieces...
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RM15.50 only....finally....reasonable and really scream for prices!!!
And my favourite fish...
This fish is expensive in the market too and the boss told us they go by market price...so honest!!
I am sure Mummy would scream that the price was reasonable!! she's always had a hard time getting this fish in the market:p
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Nice smooth fillet....yumzzz!!!
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At least they didn't overcook my favourite fish like some restaurants...
Thumbs up for the cook...I am so gonna bring Mum and Dad here!!

Vege...Stir Fried Siew Pak Choy (can't remember the English Name)...RM5 or 6 only
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Mantis prawns....Mummy,Daddy...this is only RM7...
Lotsa them here!!
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Ooo...and they look so deep fried from the outside; but they actually tasted fresh and succulent on the inside...really cooked to perfection, the exact taste I like for mantis prawns...YUMZ and thumbs up again!!
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I am full of praises for this place; though it looked kinda shabby but food really great and reasonably priced...no wonder everyone recommended this place:D
I am definitely coming back....DearDear said they are famous for LaLa, and seafood stuffs....

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