Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday dinner @ Sakae Sushi

As mentioned in my main blog, I went out with my "jee muis" for one of the birthday celebration dinner...actually; one belated and the other, be-earlieth:D
The organizer is a regular and also a fan of Sakae Sushi and so she proposed the Sakae Sushi outlet (her frequent hangouts) at Queensbay Mall is the only one in Penang anyway:p
And so, there we are, all ended up in Sakae:)That green froggy little place!
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Nice menu:)
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Signature drink...Japanese green tea...self-service
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They ordered lots of stuffs; the guys sat at the adjacent table to ours....I was kinda shy to take pics initially...then they asked to take pic when it was cake cutting time...and so, I pulled out my camera immediately and snapped pics continuously.
This was one of them.....Salmon with cheese maki...
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Chee Leng thought it was tuna!!LOL:D
Happy Birthday Mei See aka Jennifer!!

I don't wanna eat that green looking cake that looks like wasabi!!
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Complimentary birthday cake piece by Sakae...requested by Chee Leng...who was a Sakae VIP member:p
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Chee Leng totally freaked me out when she said, "what is this made of?"
Could this be a joke by Sakae by giving us a wasabi cake???!!

Haha....they laughed at my shocked was green tea....and there's ice cream in the middle...really ICED.....
But i was pretty hesitant to try the "imaginary" wasabi cake dy....
Cake cutting time...
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Posing for a pic...
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Back to ordering more food...what should we eat next?
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Chee Leng and Mei See (both Birthday girls) ordered a Chawan mushi each....
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Basically just stewed egg:)

Another order; Avocado maki....
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They commented it was pretty much tasteless:p

Dessert.....Japanese Mochi...
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I have blogged on this before; a traditional Japanese food....made of glutinous rice....
They ran out of most of the flavors...the green is pandan and the yellow was...I can't remember....

Since we have Citibank Card members, we got 50% off for all the red plates (most expensive...RM5.90 each).....haha, no wonder they were eyeing all the red plates all the time!!
Very fun...hilarious night...and thanks guys, for sending my to my car at the basement car park:P

For cheaper and more affordable version of Japanese food, Sakae is not bad.....
Lots of variety....and I am still amazed at the number of people queueing up each time I am here:p

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