Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yong Tow Foo at Jinjang

Our usual shack of Yong Tow Foo at the old Jinjang Hawker Food centre near the junction with traffic lights and temples.
Nothing special...ordered our usual:
Steamed vege...lady fingers and white beancurd :)
With soup:)
Steamed dumplings (sui kow) in soup....
Sui Kow has the water term as prefix; why would one think it's gonna be fried?
Okay, now the fried items;
Fried Dumplings/sui kow (see what i mean?) and also fried beancurd sheet rolls (Foo chok)
All pure fish paste stuffing; no meat fillings; that's why I like about this's so Yong Tow Foo....:D

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