Thursday, March 29, 2007

Farewell Lunch

Sob sob...after this lunch, I am heading back to Penang in my friend's car:(
Sad sad...wish I could stay longer....

Okay, let's make this lighter
Stir fried choy tam again...

this is slightly more oily compared to the other one we had a few post, not so good for my poor tummy:(
The seafood tofu; it's plain homemade beancurd with crabmeat as the gravy.

So-so, but I so love the vegetables that came along with it; so crunchy and nice :D
This is the Smiling Pork Back/Spine bone or something.

Can you see the curvature of the bone?
Mum requested for the lean part but seems that they were served the rather fatty side of it...
I didn't taste this; but seems to be my family's favourite; so probably good...haha!

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