Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rendezvous at Cecil Street

Finally, after a couple of days at grandma's, Daddy and bro finally decided to venture to their favourite hawker delicacies....not that they love it, but they just love trying out local faves....Malaysian (unlike me hor:p )

Anyway, went to this famous Cecil Street (or 7th Street when pronounced in Hokkien), which was a food court with an afternoon market at the back of the food court. Yes, there is really, an afternoon market and it is a norm here on Penang island.
So, I tagged along Daddy and bro....(hey, it's my only time to spend some quality time with my family). Mum was at home, spending quality time with her mum; so didn't join us.
We found a parking space pretty easily; must be our luck:)
It is a place covered with zinc on the rooftop (after the renovation) and it gets pretty stuffy when you are there; actually HOT will be the right word. And you know about the CNY weather:p
Okay, cut the long story short....and focus...on the food.
Hot day.....ideal for the iced wheatgrass juice which both bro and Daddy ordered....

This wheatgrass juice was said to have cooling effects and was extracted from raw wheat-like type of grass...not sure about its nutrients but seems that it was making it big with all those bottled versions in the market:p
Anyway, this was too watery and diluted (it was not the same old uncle we used to order from when we were younger). It used to cost about 70 cents but now, it is 1 buck for 1 glass.
I ordered the sweet potato soup dessert with sago....hehe!!

Oh...I HATE potatoes but I just love the sago in this dessert....and I suddenly wanted to have this, Mum and me will usually order from this Aunty whenever we are here....Mum's favourite was Bubur Cha cha and Mung Bean soup dessert. We used to patronize an old uncle but his prices hiked up pretty fast and this lady was still selling at 70 cents but this round also, 1 buck (last time, you pay 1 buck if you want to take away).
Oh, just one piece of info, the uncle seemed to have hit lottery dy; and he is no longer selling those desserts here:)
Anyway, Daddy helped me to finish all the potatoes; he doesn't like them too but he just didn't want to waste them since they were only small pieces:p (I asked the Aunty for Sago only :)

Now for the main course...haha
Daddy's Lum Mee....he loves this here....it was pretty good he said....compared to other places in Penang. Bro said that this is just like the Mee Soto that he can get from Malay stalls.

And this is Bro's Mee Jawa

And we also ordered popiah.....not bad lar....

Prices here are reasonably cheap....and the food here is worth a try.
Only one word, it is very HOT here!~

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