Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ipoh Mali

We decided to stop by in Ipoh town; Dad's hometown for an early lunch.
And we went to this coffee shop (still here after all those years!) which we used to go when we were young.
We used to stop by in Ipoh for meals during our childhood travelling days due to the long journey to Penang; it was all those trunk roads and no proper North South Highway wannabe was in sight at that time yet.
So, went to this place in Kinta; used to have that Kinta shopping centre opposite it but didn't see it around this time...whatever.
Bro ordered the pop and "in" drink here...haha; Ice-cream soda; haha....
Bugger; this is just some normal Pop Cream Soda as they call it lar and they charge this drink for a freaking RM2.60 I think....a can of 7-up and a single scoop of ice-cream; and bam, there goes the 2 bucks plus:p
It's not such a unique specialty in Ipoh alone anymore anyway.....
We ordered their herbal drinks
and barley for me.....hot weather but I like my barley to be served hot; unless it's lime barley then I like that cold.
Dad ordered the famous Kai See Hor Fun (basically flat rice noodles with chicken slices; its hor fun however, was the highlight as Ipoh amazingly has this smooth texture for their hor fun, beancurd, bean sprouts...etc)
This one; according to them was so-so lar....
And this is the poh piah....
Dry version not with soup as the Penangite's version.
And there's actually roasted pork!!!! Arrrrgggghhhh...what kind of poh piah which adds meat??
Isn't it supposed to be some salad roll? Vege?
Yikes....Mum totally agreed...haha, just because if was non-Penang food and because I mentioned I preferred Penang food:p
So, thumbs-down!

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