Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Step by step guide to Lou Sang!:D

YEAYYYYY.......Hip Hip Hooray!!! I am back in KL!!!!~
And it's the 7th day of CNY; the day of's everyone's birthday....Yan Yat!!~
It is also the day for Yee Sang and we don't usually practise this in our family every year; but this year, we decided to go for it :D
Didn't go to a really fancy restaurant; just went to this particular food shack near the Kepong Glutton Square; yeah, this is a new "Tai Chow" place and it's sort of a stall...nothing magnificient. Mum and Dad tried this when bro and I were away at campus and work, and they mentioned the food was pretty good and also, they were offering a special price for the Yee Sang aka Lou Sang (action of tossing the Yee Sang).
We went out early but whoa, there were those dark clouds looming there and there were already lots of people out there and we had to constantly push our table and then down poured the rain.....of course not on us:p
Okay, enough of my constant crapping and down to the food details.
Now for the step by step guide on eating Yee Sang and performing Lou Sang:p
Step 1: Yee Sang served.
Haha...slices of the raw fish...
Kinda thin but it's on promotion, so guess they also cut down on the size...:p
Step 2: Some crispy crackers as condiments to the yee sang dish
Step 3: The other raw ingredients; supposed to be 7 types.... think there's carrot strips, preserved ginger, fake jellyfish, don't know what else.... colourful:)
Another view.....
Step 4: Most important of all, the sauce!
This is the soury plum sauce.....sweet and sour....
Supposed to be the determining factor on how the taste of those raw ingredients would turn out to be....:)
Step 5: Now mix them together!!!~
Lou ah, lou ah....lou tou fung san sui hei (Toss, toss, toss until you reach the heights (direct translation; even wind, mountains and water will rise:p )
Step 6: Empty plate:p

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