Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sawara -100% Mackerel

Came to this place in Pulau Tikus; opposite the Belisa Row - we have been here previously and find the food was not too bad with the clear soup, etc.
However, I was not too pleased with their attitude; particularly this lady who actually snickered that we always order the same type of food....hello???
I am the customer, do I order food to please you?
Are you having my taste buds?
On top of that, assuming you are such a buffet house that has the King's wide selection of variety! Pah!
Anyway, after some time and we couldn't decide what to eat, we went there - hot weather, decide to go for something soupy :)
They seem to have changed for the better though...good thing....
The place is not bad; but a little hidden in the corner; since it is after all a corner lot restaurant :D
Air-conditioned; conducive for a peaceful and quiet dining environment :)
The menu
Cutleries used.....spick span and clean:)
Nice cups:D
My herbal tea - chrysanthemum (home-cooked by the restaurant; boiling hot and so refreshing:)
Our food; Yong Tau Fu with all the fish stuffs - fish paste, with asparagus, Napa cabbage, mushrooms, golden mushrooms, lady fingers, smooth white bean curd........

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