Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sin Kim San after mass

Daddy brought us to this coffee shop on the famous Macalister Road after mass; Ash Wednesday.
Hehe....feels like the good ol' days when we were just kids and Mummy and Daddy bring us here and there :D
Sin Kim San coffee shop is located at the corner and has been around for quite some time already; since Daddy's working days when he just started working.
We already had dinner before the mass (not too enjoyable...and I didn't take any pics).
We had lok lok at the Pulau Tikus market and there was this weird family (big family) which was a little jakun; think they were Johoreans or Malaccans as they sounded quite unfamiliar with the lok lok process and was really ignorant).
They shared the table with us (yeah, their business was quite good and they do not have enough tables thus they have their customers sharing tables- so not fun and we really hated it:p
They kept asking about why is this so, why is that so, is this really like that? All in Mandarin...one of the boy even took my Dad's sauce...haha! So blur...to me it was rather comical:D
Anyway, forget about it.
We went for more food (Daddy and bro's request) and we ended up at this coffee shop.
Our drinks; the lime drink for both bro and me and Ket Po (also sweet lime-based) in the background for Daddy.

Our lime drinks were so sour that bro kept wondering how could I take it...haha, he was squinting and mimicking that soury look :p

Chee Cheong Fun....

Daddy requested lots of sesame seed...haha.....
The rice noodles seem to be swimming in the sesame seed:p

Hokkien Char....

So-so only, according to bro...he and Daddy shared these and exchanged between the CCF and Hokkien Char :D
Daddy told us that there is this guy who works there who wasn't quite such a guy/manly/masculine:p Get what I mean?
This is really a bi-sexual type of guy (not his preference of partner but the way he conducted himself:p )
He's a man, but he actually tied his hair back in a ponytail and he puts on powder and lipstick and hold your breath, he even wears a bra!!!
Gosh, no discrimination but he seemed weird and bro and I didn't actually notice him until Dad told us....haha....bro felt like throwing up (luckily he finished his food; else I don't think he will have that appetite:p )
But anyway, cannot be so mean...no discrimination allowed; I always felt sympathy for these folks (trapped in another gender's body but their hormones are of the opposite gender)
So, we'll drop the mean joke ya!~
Food here is okay only lar....not that good and the prices are not so cheap either...

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