Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Humanity Day!! Happy Birthday everyone!~:)

Okay, after a glorious and triumphant round of lou sang and the wind is still blowing strong and the rain is still pouring hard, now comes our main course...hehe, our dinner :)
That was just an appetizing starter and something to commemorate the day:)
This finally feels like a true family reunion dinner :)
Vege.....stir fried Choy Tam (Brussels)

Not bad; quite crunchy:)
Our favourite; the Kung Pow style of Mantis prawns....

Crunchy; okay....i prefer the in-between type of texture:)

And how can we not have fish? fanatic huh:p
This is our fish with the Cheong Jing sauce (fermented beancurd sauce)

Not bad; better than the others I have tried; different, this one beat Chin Kee flat now:P

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