Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Taiwan in 1 Utama

Shopping can be exhilaratingly fun (only girls will agree with me) but it can be exhausting too, especially if you have spent long hours at the mall.

Shopping for food, to me, is an even more challenging task due to my picky (and probably fussy) choices for food for the time of the day.

1 Utama is a large shopping mall and home to many brands of clothing, home appliances, etc, and even eateries. I am not new to this mall (it is one of my favorite mall too), but I still find it hard to decide what to have for lunch/dinner whenever I am here.

There was this one time, however, where I was a little lucky as I stumbled upon a Little Taiwan on the Lower ground of the New Wing.
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The cafe is relatively new, and the bright lime green colors of the cafe are just attractive to any passerby.
The food served here are halal; and the style of their Taiwanese food is infused with the local Malaysian flavor.
It is not surprising, as the owners are local Malaysians themselves, but I applaud and at the same time, curious with the results of this unique fusion.

Bubble Milk Tea with pearls is a signature drink made famous by Taiwan.
This is the green tea version, which was one of the recommendations on the menu.
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It was a rather unique taste; and the intoxicatingly exotic taste of the green tea overcame the dairy scent of the milk, making it appealing even to non-dairy lovers.

Spicy noodles with fried fish
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The serving in the large bowl itself is enough to send the 'stuffed' signal to the mind.
It is unique how the fried fish was served in a separate plate from the bowl of spicy noodles although it does makes sense as the fried fish could end up soggy when it is soaked in the noodles.

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The fried fish tasted slightly salty but it was tender to taste. The serving was definitely more than enough for a single person.

The spicy soup tasted like a mixture of tomyam and curry powder used in instant noodles, but it was still quite tasty nevertheless.
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Fried chicken with clear soup noodles was about the same as well.
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The noodles were quite nice; perhaps it was to my liking :)
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The serving was not exactly small; or maybe it was more than what I could take, but I do enjoy the food here.

The best way to finish off a Taiwanese meal, in my opinion is to have a refreshing bowl of Love Jelly (Ai Yu Bing), which is my favorite dessert!~ :)
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The one they have here definitely have my thumbs up!

Who'd have thought that the Malaysian version of Taiwanese food could taste so good even though it was not prepared by the Taiwanese themselves?
I enjoyed the food and the superb Malaysian service/hospitality here too and is definitely recommended.
I am looking forward to my next visit here too.

This goes to show that Malaysian Can indeed do anything :)

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