Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fried Brown Rice

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Brown rice is well-known for its high fibre and also an excellent source for iron, magnesium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, protein, manganese, selesium and gamma-oryzanol.
It is funny how people always compare the brown rice to the white rice, don't they know that white rice is actually brown rice itself too?

White rice is the processed brown rice; which was one of the earliest forms, and latter is preferred these days due to its high nutritional value.
White rice has been the popular choice all the while and is the staple for Asian cuisines and dietary supplement.
However, brown rice is the primary source of the nutritions as white rice is the processed brown rice which had the essential nutrients removed during the processing.
The processing of the brown rice into white rice makes the latter easier to cook and faster too.
White rice, in comparison to its predecessors can be stored for a longer time frame; making it a more favorable choice as families stock up on their source of carbohydrates.

Nowadays brown rice is recognized and is making its way to most kitchen shelves due to its nutritional values.
Parents are even opting to feed their children brown rice instead of white, which to some elder folks, is not a wise decision as brown rice is harder to digest in a child's developing digestive system.

Whether it is brown or white rice, the Asians simply could not escape the fragrance of this source of carbohydrates in this daily meals.
Rice is not just a main source of carbohydrate and energy, but also the secrets to anti-aging.

This fried brown rice was a home recipe, and it is just the same as preparing the usual fried rice except that the white rice is replaced by brown rice.
Throw in eggs, diced vegetables, sausages or fish cakes and voila, fried rice for everyone!~

One more benefit for brown rice?
It is also good for weight loss, due to its high fibre content which can help to curb frequent hunger pangs.
So, eat healthy and stay healthy!~

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  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    agree that brown rice is better vs white rice...
    recommended for diabetics too
    but i still prefer white rice's taste