Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swine Bread @ Old Folks' Association

Nestled inside a big and spacious land; somewhere along those huge bungalows and mansions in Pulau Tikus after you have turned into the Brown Road and a few junctions (I can't remember the name of the road), is the home of the Old Folks' Association.

Despite the rather hidden location and the old wrought iron gate which swung open limply on the side, this place was featured as one of the Penang makan places and in one of the recommended eats in the Travel magazine.

Everything here is so old-school, and upon parking the car in the open space, we headed to the back of the building where a one-storey building stood; revealing an old school canteen.
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The staffs here are mostly senior women; but very friendly!
They make you feel right at home.

They used to serve light dishes or "Chu Char" but due to the lack of kitchen help, they have summarized their menu to noodles and light beverages.

Barley and you have it at RM1
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Light choices for dinner

Glass noodles/Tang Hoon in soup (RM4)
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Light and freshly cooked from the kitchen by the experienced women chefs, it tasted nice when it was served hot.
Not too much of those unappetizing tang hoon soup we always relate to the food we take or are forced to take when we are sick, this is underrated.
I always like soupy stuffs; and tang hoon just compliments the light soup and the condiments.

Singapore Fried Bee Hoon (RM4)
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This is also one of the tasty versions of the bee hoon I have tried.
It was tossed lightly with the tomato ketchup which added to the sweet and sour taste of the gravy which endowed the bee hoon.

And finally, the Roti Babi aka the Swine Bread which apparently was the highlight here.
Actually, they are more famous for their Chick Bread aka Roti Ayam
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Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Unfortunately, I find it on the average and the oily image really turns me out...
Furthermore, who ever said I like swine and bread?


  1. Swine bread? Wonder how it tastes like. But if it's oily, it's kinda hard to consume.

  2. hehe sound porshier when you say 'swine bread' instead of roti babi!!!

  3. I tot it was pieces of fried chicken

  4. I love coming back here, even though over the years, I find that my palate has really changed and I don't like the food here as much anymore. I find it really bland... proably has something to do with the fact that they are meant to serve old folks!

  5. ROFL! roti babi!... i nearly fell off my chair whn i read your title:P