Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank you for the Awards!~

I must apologize for my recent speed in posting and updating my blogs, which are due to numerous reasons; such as holiday season, health reason, and also work stuffs.
I was just a little encumbered by these few things and I must thank all of you who have been checking my blog regularly for updates and interacting/asking me through emails:)
I am touched!!

This post will deviate a little from the normal food pics as I simply have to do this long-postdated thank you and post in favor of a kind blogger who has awarded me with the following awards!
It was such a pleasant surprise; good things seem to come one after another, eh?:)
(First the article in the Star and then awards, I am happy:)

So, here's for PureGlutton
Thank you so much for these wonderful awards!

1. The Yum Yum Blog Award
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Wow, such a fitting theme for my blog which has the url of yumyumbites...*grins*
Thank you, I am glad that my blog managed to stir that yummy factor:)

2. 360 degree foodie
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A versatile writer and overall consistent:)

3. Hardworking blogger
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Oh my, thank you so much....but recently was a bit slow in updating lar, but for the award, I will keep up!!

4. Kreativ Blogger
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Cool, I liked this, thank you, I hope you liked the way I write!

5. Great Buddy Award
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This is one of the most touching award, and I must say a very big thank you to PureGlutton for considering me a great buddy.
The best part about blogging was the networking, besides pursuing my interests in writing and photography.
I truly appreciate the people whom I have met and interacted with along the way, although in the virtual world, but I am happy that I am considered a buddy to all of you as well.
A toast to all you great bloggers out there!~

Now besides the awards, I do know that I have to do some of the tagging things; but I shall leave them for the next post:p

My thank you speech:
Firstly, I must thank my parents, my friends who have supported me all this while
(Laughs, the preparation of the speech for the Globe awards kah?)

Okay, on a serious note.
I do really want to take this opportunity to thank all of you great bloggers out there (all of you are great) who have been so supportive in reading and following my blog regularly.
Also, thanks to most of you who have shared the pointers and tips on photography, I am really loving it!:) I am sure, with time (and practice), I will be really good soon!
And also, million thanks to all of you who have been my friends, I am really glad to have met all of you here, in the virtual world and look forward to meet all of you in person:)

All in all, thanks a zillion and I shall keep my blog updated and continue to share our funny stories and opinions!



  1. congratulations!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Thank you Duckie!!
    Same to you too~~~^_^

  3. Congratulation and keep up the good jobs! lol

  4. Christy, just dropping by to wish you and your family Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!