Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Comforts of Home at Sweet Temptations Dessert House(Sweet-i)

Sweet Temptations is just the perfect name for a dessert house; serving a variety of alluring home cooked style Chinese desserts, all designed with nourishment in mind.
The Chinese emphasize on the balance of yin and yang in almost every aspects of their life; from living to medicine and definitely even in the food and drink they consume on a daily basis.
The Yin and Yang balances the overall body system; and there should never be too much of 'hot' or 'cold' elements unless intended for specific purposes or it will lose the balance in the nutritional concept.

Sweet Temptations Dessert House, also known as Sweet-i, serves traditional Chinese desserts with the nutritional concepts in mind. Besides the familiar favorites of red bean soup, mung bean soup, gingko with barley and bean curd sheets, there are also contemporary styled desserts which combined both traditions and trends to entice the venturing taste buds of the younger generation.
The list of their desserts is long; offering a wide variety to those with a sweet tooth.

Run by a couple, this dessert house initially started out as a roadside stall located in the neighborhood of Sungai Dua; opposite the Tesco Extra area. Their business was good back then, and flourished well that they decided to relocate their business to a shophouse in that same area.
I have known this couple since them, and they were such a friendly and hardworking pair, and I remembered how kindly they would treat me every time I drop by for a visit and take away my much-needed sweet nourishing dessert soup from them.

I have been a fan since then, and I am pleased that they have again grown their business to such fame today that many bloggers have only praises for them in their reviews.
It was indeed comforting that the couple still recognizes me that day when I walked into their shop, and welcomed me with such a warm smile. It is also good to see that they are now running the place with their children and the place has such a homey ambiance; which made perfect sense since they are now residing in a terrace house lot whereby they use the car porch area and the living hall for their business purpose.

They have now added chilled desserts and also glutinous rice balls (tang yuan) to their already varied existing menu, and the glutinous rice balls seem to be popular among the crowd.
There is also the option of having shaved ice with their chilled desserts in their own version of iced desserts which can be a rather refreshing choice for those who wants a cooler option for their desserts.

One of my personal and regular favorites is this Six Treasures Sweet Soup (MYR3.50)
A combination of snow fungus, longan, gingko nuts, lotus seeds, jelly and almond nuts (which I would usually prefer to omit since I am not fond of it), this is indeed a comforting treat with the mildly sweet base of Loh Han Guo soup.

Gingko Nut with Barley in soy milk
For those who prefer the traditional styled desserts, this is a simple, fuss free and light option which brings back the familiar tastes of home as it warms the heart.

Apricot with Golden Pear Soup is another rejuvenating bowl of warm soup; with the lightly ripe tastes of the fruit slices alternating with the sweet soup, it was rather appetizing and at the same time, flavorsome in its unique tastes.

Sea Bird's Nest with lily bulbs, snow fungus and red dates
This is a nourishing one and recommended for women, and is a seasonal dessert; mostly on Saturdays.

The quality of their desserts are definitely as good as I remembered, and this is definitely a place that I would be frequenting for a taste of home and for that warmth for the heart.

With the tagline "Sweetness in the heart" (directly translated from Chinese), Sweet Temptations Dessert House has definitely captured and melted the hearts of many with their traditional home styled desserts.
They are located in a terrace house in Jalan Nipah, Taman Lip Sin.
Turn left into a junction after the Super Tanker Food Court and go straight until you see the house on your right with the sign.

"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" - Casablanca 
(And mine with Sweet Temptations has already started a long long time ago~)

There is definitely going to be revisits and more postings on this dessert house...

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