Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Making them Fishy at Blue Reef Fish and Chips

Blue Reef Fish and Chips, located in the trendy seafront retail marina of Penang; Straits Quay, is a much-talked about eatery around here. Known for its delicious and affordable servings of the good old traditional fish and chips, Blue Reef had the crowd well under its wing with their great reputation.

Initially situated in the tranquil neighborhood of Lembah Permai, the fish and chips outlet rose to fame almost instantly in its early days of operations; attracting the local islanders to their humble outlet especially on weekends. Their move to Straits Quay was by far another a wise choice; with the chic environment also the great ambiance with their location facing the tranquil seafront to give their patrons that dining-by-the-sea feeling in this bold and captivating concept of the seafront retail marina, which also happened to be the first of its kind in Penang.

Choose from their two signature styles of preparing the fish and chips; the traditional beer batter or the bread crumb to coat the fish of your choice (select from a variety of fish available on their menu).

The portions here may seem large for one with a petite appetite, and one could often opt for sharing from their list of Platters for Two.

Seafood Galore (Threadfin) for MYR41.00
Traditional Beer Batter coated thread fin fillet served with a tempting combination of scallops, prawns, calamari rings, salad and chips.

Truly, it was a galore of fresh, juicy and succulent prawns, scallops and gigantic calamari rings which did well to excite one's senses and set the mood for an enjoyable meal. The thread fin fillet was tender and tastes well with the light coat of beer batter wrapping the moist and luscious flesh of the fish.

Besides the traditional fish and chips, if you are into the fish or seafood but not in the mood for deep frying, go for their other styles of preparation such as grilled, poached, or even steamed; the Asian style. Yes, Blue Reef offers all the varieties of preparing their seafood that one can think of and even to the extent of localizing the tastes for their local patrons.

Poached Platter (Barramundi) for MYR46.00
This will be a much lighter option for those into a fuss free and simple tastes of fresh seafood with a zest of lemon juice for an extra refreshing taste.

Besides the traditional fish and chips and seafood platter, or their list of main courses, there are also varieties of salad greens, soups and also mouth-watering appetizers/starters for one to enjoy along with their meal.

Breaded Calamari (MYR12.00)

Enjoy chewing on these larger-than-usual calamari rings which are bouncy in texture that makes one indulge in more than intended. We enjoyed the tasty batter and the appetizing platter while taking note to save space for the mains before they arrive; or just simply, request for them to be served at the same time if you want, to be adventurous once in a while!

I would recommend this Seafood Chowder (MYR13.00), which is just soaking with goodness and generously hiding the large chunky sizes of seafood in the bowl.

This is surprisingly a pleasant and light tasting soup; which was not too creamy nor overly rich that could cloy one's simple taste buds. I am not really a fan of thick and creamy soups and this one is just the right potion to capture my tastes.

For a refreshing companion, we enjoyed the lovely and fruity scent of the Iced Peach Tea (MYR5.00)

One can choose to dine in their air-conditioned space of the outlet or go al-fresco style facing the seafront with the gorgeous view of the beautiful yachts parked by the quay, as though one is in the Fish Market in Australia (Fremantle Fish Market, one of my favorite places for Fish and Chips).

One can also enjoy a romantic stroll to enjoy the atmospheric seafront environment with the sea breeze.

Fish and chips may be well-known in our Australian and English counterparts; with their traditional recipes courting food lovers all over the world and also the fish markets are by far, attractive points.

Now, one does not need to go far or even board the plane to enjoy such an environment or even the fish and chips as we already have them here, right in our own backyard.

Blue Reef Fish and Chips has definitely lived up to that expectation with their fish and chips and topped it perfectly with the idyllic setting and picturesque seafront.
English and Australians may be proud of their fish and chips; touted as the best in the world, but Blue Reef is definitely not far behind in making that mark either and the best is, it is right here, making it possible for us to be able to enjoy good ol' fish and chips in the comforts of our own home environment~


  1. Looks like a lovely place with stunning food.
    Paradise for seafood lovers :)

  2. Hey Daniela, oh yes, it really is a nice place and the food was good! Just for seafood lovers like me! ;-)

  3. Each time I flipped their menu in front of their restaurant, I noticed a statement: "Sorry, you are too poor to dine in here. Go and fish yourself.". So I never try it before.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Waco, seriously?? I didn't notice that, I must check that out!!