Friday, May 09, 2014

Kulim's Kilang Lama Asam Laksa

The ever Malaysian favorite, the Asam Laksa, with the spicy sourish taste of tamarind pulps (Asam) with the fish based soup, mint and bunga kantan (torch ginger) never fails in seducing the locals and foreigners alike with its exotic scent filling the air wherever it is found.
This local street delight is available in most places around the country, with Penang being hailed as one of the more popular version of Asam Laksa with the many places on the island serving this.

There is another famous Asam Laksa up north; all the way in the now-booming industrialized town of Kulim. From their humble beginnings and their expansion of their stalls in Kulim and Bukit Mertajam, this family run business was made famous with their flagship stall in the Kilang Lama food court (located at the junction) frequented by the locals and the nearby industrial zone workers; hence earning their brand as the Kilang Lama Asam Laksa.

Their lesser known (probably only known to the locals) place of operation is none other than their humble abode in a quiet neighborhood in Kulim.

The compound of the house was converted into their place of business; with plastic tables and chairs set up to accommodate their crowds during the peak hours of operations.

The bowl of Asam Laksa, served piping hot is indeed a comfort on a rainy day which was exactly the mode of the weather when we visited the place.

The shrimp paste sauce (Heh Go in Hokkien, a popular delicacy among the northern population) is served in a plastic squeeze bottle where one can add to their bowl of thick rice noodles to their preference.

The other unique part about this Kulim Asam Laksa, which differentiates it from the usual Penang Asam Laksa; giving it that extra edge to its identity is the addition of the crackers to the thick and spicy sourish  broth.
(The crackers are all in the plastic containers placed on each table; for the customers to add to their heart's content)

How to enjoy the cracker?
Do it either way, to your liking; either you dip the whole piece into the broth or break them into pieces the way you do with cream crackers and let them immerse in the soup along with the noodles.
Which way do you prefer?

While you are there, don't forget to try out a bowl of Ice Kacang (ABC) - always my favorite wherever I go :-)

While I am not really a big fan of laksa, I was excited with the way their business is doing so well since I first came to Kulim a few years ago for work and their reputation has certainly established well over the years.

Prices are clearly stated on the menu board

It is not exactly easy to locate this place, if I had not been led here but that's probably because I am not that familiar with the neighborhood and tend to stick to the industrial zone?
(Do a quick Google search, and the reliable maps would point you to the place directly and accurately :-)

(Heavy downpour when I was leaving the place)

P.S: The neighboring house is reputed to serve great Chai Kueh (Vegetable crystal dumplings), and unfortunately they were closed at the time of my visit. I will leave it in a separate post, another time then.


  1. crackers in asam laksa? Definitely my 1st time heard about that!

  2. yum! never heard of this dish! i bet the crackers were amazing!