Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fresh Japanese Variety at Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

I am a big fan of Japanese food, and it is a blessing that I am not the only one as the popularity of Japanese food is evident with the number of Japanese restaurants we have in the country.
From the luxurious fine dining to the budget fast food chain restaurants, we almost have it all to satisfy the taste buds and pockets of every Japanese food fan. It is also a good thing that we have a small number (though growing) population of enthusiastic Japanese expatriates or migrants who have settled here and called this place their second home, who promotes their local culture through the setting up of the restaurants serving their cuisine to the locals.
In fact, some of the locals who are interested in the cuisine have also taken to their personal commitment to share their fascination through serving the cuisine based on their knowledge and acquired skills in the country.

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant, located along Cantonment Road is no longer a new name to the Penangites, having been in business for decades (or so I have heard).
The restaurant has its own compound which is good news to the patrons, as that means ample parking space (if you are early) and the privacy of dining in an enclosed environment.

Private dining environment and quiet ambiance are definitely what welcomes the patrons as one steps into the homey environment of the restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant keeps the interior and decor simple, to the basics with the wooden tables and chairs for dining and a few mock sets of their menu offerings, with a couple of Japanese dolls and memorabilia on the counter.

I have been to the restaurant more than once; simply because I returned to try more of their stuffs after my first visit and also for the reason that I am enticed by their food.
Fresh and humbly prepared with love from the kitchen, there is just something about the authenticity and served hot from the kitchen.

Start with a bowl of fresh Sashimi Salad (MYR18.00)
This is one of my personal favorites whenever I go for Japanese dining, but Matsuki has by far surpassed most of the others that I have and is now tops my list of personal favorites.
Fresh and generous slices of sashimi cuts, along with the crunchy fresh lettuce leaves and vegetables along with the dressing are just the main attractions that kept me going at this simple yet appetizing salad.
Forget those versions at fast food or chain outlets, this is the real deal.

Fresh Wasabi to go with the sashimi cuts

Pour the dressing sauce over the salad, to enjoy the combination.

Seafood set Bento (MYR25.00)
A value set with teppanyaki seafood; squids, prawns, fish fillets along with salad, miso soup, pickles, white rice, chawanmushi, a plate of yasai itame (mixed stir fry vegetables) and also fruits.

Shake Teriyaki Set (MYR15.00)
The Teriyaki salmon set also comes with a chawanmushi, miso soup, white rice, sautéed curry okra and carrots and also fruits.

For noodles, the Tori Katsu Curry Udon (MYR20.00) is not a bad choice, especially if you have a penchant for Japanese style curry.

For ala carte orders, I think I am getting addicted to the Shake Shioyaki (MYR15.00) 
The salted salmon was done just nice with the pan fried salmon lightly salted; to my liking as I am not fond of salty food.

A lovely Japanese restaurant with great ambiance and service, not to mention good food at reasonable prices.
Green tea to enjoy your food with, just sip away at Matsuki, now officially one of my personal favorite Japanese restaurant to dine in and to fix my Japanese cravings~ :-)


  1. I'm drooling over those fat udon noodles.

  2. Missed great Japanese food!! Great shots.. got me salivating!