Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Simple Pleasures at Padi House


Fridays are great; simply because they signify the end of the week where most are busy with work or school and activities are planned to celebrate the arrival of a weekend immediately as the day ends.
It is like the beginning of a short break; and after all, it is, to the weekend where most of us (if not all) enjoy two days away after a five-day stint at work for the week.
All hell breaks loose on Friday evening, with many making plans to meet up with friends or simply to enjoy a good dinner with the family as a simple way of celebration, and it is for this very reason that the traffic often gets congested after work on Friday evenings, and restaurants, pubs, bistros and cafes; even malls and cinemas are packed with the excited crowd.

This in turn led to the birth of the contemporary concept cafes and restaurants, eager to please and entice the crowds with more options to celebrate the end of the week and of course, with additional varieties of food and beverage offerings for the assortment of taste buds out there.

Simplicity rules at Padi House; with the minimalistic decor and the conducive environment, one can easily sit back and relax with friends and families in this cafe.

Located in the area of new shophouses right next to the Aeon Shopping centre, Padi House is one of the new cafes in the vicinity of Bandar Mahkota Cheras town.
I have spotted this cafe several times and was eager to check it out, therefore it came as a pleasant surprise, and a perfect choice when my girl friend suggested to catch up for dinner at this place on a Friday night.



The interior speaks of urban chic style and I was immediately warmed by the ambiance enhanced by the soft glow from the hanging lightbulbs. There is an upper floor as well, for those who prefer more privacy and a view from the balcony as the ground floor is where all the action takes place; with the neighboring shops, car park lots, along with the cashier and drinks counter.

A combination of Carrot and Orange (MYR6.90) mixed in this personal favorite concoction of mine and is the perfect start to a relaxing evening.

Orange and Green Apple(MYR6.90) is another refreshing combination, or select from a list of their combos for the fruit juices, smoothies, teas, and even coffee.  

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon (MYR15.50) is a delightful mix of romaine lettuce with croutons, tossed with parmesan cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, egg and Worcestershire sauce and I liked the addition of the lightly smoked salmon which lent its soft raw and saltish taste to complement the overall taste of the salad mix.


Craving for more salmon, we had this Grilled Salmon Fish with Key Lime Sauce (MYR26.90).
It is a pleasantly light option with the mildly grilled salmon which maintained the juicy factor of the oily fish, served with the creamy yet citrusy dressing along with the sides of boiled vegetables and fried wedges.
This is definitely a healthy and enjoyable main course for those on the watch for their waistline and diet; without compromising the scrumptious tastes for the start of a relaxing weekend, where most would look for a little indulgence and put those strict diets aside, just for a short while.


Padi House offers a wide variety of courses; from the mainstream Western cuisine of soups, salads, fish, poultry to the Asian noodles, rice and also the fusion in marrying both the cuisines to serve all the roving taste buds out there.
There is a also a list of desserts to tempt one's sweet tooth at the end of a meal, which I look forward to try on my next trip; when we do not get carried away by the topics of our conversation and without having a half-filled stomach before our meet up session.

It was a pleasant experience at Padi House, and the conducive environment was definitely a plus, which makes one feel comfortably at home. While the food and the prices may seem to be joining the standards of the average cafes out there, it is still not a bad start for a cafe especially in a neighborhood surrounded by the customary Chinese restaurants and hawker centers.

Padi House is indeed a bold contemporary addition to the dense population of eateries in the area, and also to the booming metropolis of the capital city and perhaps we will see their uprising growth in the near future.

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