Thursday, June 28, 2012

Osaka Cake

I didn't mean to take a break away last week, but I was tied up with a lot of stuffs and I was also experiencing some technical difficulties with both my software and hardware that was somehow causing a lot of problems when I was trying to post entries into my blog, well, a long story.

I will start with a simple post; to introduce this extremely popular cake from Japan which can be found in some of our local bakeries of late; the Osaka cake.
I have previously posted about this cake earlier this year (read it here).

When I was in KL, there is this local bakery that I like and I did know the boss quite well which was quite a plus as she would often introduce me to the newest items available for sale in the bakery whenever their creative juices flow.
Their recent addition is this Osaka cake.

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The soft sponge cake may appear a little like cheese cake from appearance; and there is a layer of fresh and light cream in the middle (a little like the cream puff) which just oozes into the mouth when you take that bite.

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Comparing to the other version of Osaka cake I have tried previously, this is a slightly more moist and softer version and it is supposed to taste better chilled.
There is also less amount of cream in this version; which makes it more appealing.

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Have you come across this cake before?
What are your thoughts on this?


  1. It's called hokaido cake in kl wor

  2. It does look like a cheesecake. I bet it's nice cold.

  3. Vivien, really? or is it a different type of cake? I am not sure, because this was called Osaka cake by the bakery that I went to :-P
    Thanks for the information though, I must check it out...:-)

  4. The Yum List, hehe, yeah, seems like the lady boss kept emphasizing on the chilled part:-P
    I bet you're a cheese cake fan?;-)