Monday, June 11, 2012

Kerabu Mee Hoon

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One of the most delectable snacks to have in the afternoon is a plate of Kerabu Mee Hoon to spice up one's appetite.
This is a simple to make dish which one can easily whip up at home; provided that you have the recipe to make a great-tasting kerabu, which is a type of appetizing salad served from the Peranakan origins.
One of the best I have tried so far is still from this old man operating a small stall at the Padang Brown area; and he will usually only start his business from 2pm onwards.

Lok Lok or skewers of food dipped into the boiling water is one of the main attractions at this place, the little stall selling local and traditional cakes and this mee hoon is not one to be out shadowed as its customer base would gather on time to await the goodies when the time approaches.

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Kerabu Meehoon; simply rice vermicelli fried with an assortment of spices and leaves to lend it that appetizing flavor and trust me, it will make you want more after that first bite.

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I think I shall learn to make kerabu and see if I can make my very own version of this kerabu meehoon?


  1. I've tried this dish before! Looks delicious! =)

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  3. Smitten ByFood, do you know how to make it? Amazing how a simple dish just tantalizes the appetite, right?;-)

  4. JoinMe, thanks! I will look at it:-)

  5. This mee hoon looks so thin and springy!

  6. The Yum List, yeahh...but it's good and feisty with flavor!:-)