Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bitter Gourd Soup with rice by the road in JB

I wish I could tell you where is this place, but I am not sure of the place and I only know that my colleague stopped here on the way to the airport for lunch.
(The kind colleague offered to send us to the airport)

I was told that Bitter gourd soup is a pretty popular dish ordered in JB, and there are a few places famous for it.
Honestly, I don't fancy bitter gourd and it is one of the vegetables that I don't really like.

I did notice a lot of people having lunch at this rather shabby place by the roadside, and almost everyone ordered about the same type of dishes.

Bitter Gourd soup
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It was cooked with generous slices of bitter gourd with lean pork meat and I think there were liver too (Sorry, Pickyeater is not comfortable with that)
The soup was rather clouded, but I think it was due to the ingredients in it.

Roasted pork, another popular item here too.
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Stir-fried vege
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Braised tau kua with fish fillet (thanks to my considerate colleague for ordering this especially for me :) despite me telling him that I am okay with the rest of the dishes. Thanks!)
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I do not know the prices of the dishes but I heard it was reasonably priced.
Perhaps the locals in JB would know about this place?

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