Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Away for a week and a fruit for you~~

I am currently back in the Mud Coast for a week+; for meetings and well, short vacation with own family (self-declared) =)

During this week, updates on my blog will be really slow...I must inform ahead this round.
Work's really tough..and everything's moving really quickly, and of course, I need to spend quality time with the family.

I noticed that the Internet connection is really bad as well; which is really a huge no-no for uploading my pics =(

Anyway, I have a lot of posts waiting for me to write on and publish but I just haven't really gotten around to uploading the pics =(

I really apologize to those who have been following this humble blog of mine.

Well, for a teaser (hopefully I can steal more time to blog), here's a pic of a unique fruit which I've recently been introduced to and have fallen in love with...only to find out that it's also another seasonal and imported fruit.
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The price's not cheap...and it tastes just like the black plum (California ones are my favorites!), except that it's in a fairer color.
It even had the same fragrant scent; except this one is somehow more pleasant in the scent. It had that sweet scent; and it's supposed to be really, really sweet (well, duh, what's the name nectarine for, right?)
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I love these USA nectarines...*yumm*

This is so going into my list of favorite fruits from now on; and again, am I born in the wrong country for compiling a list of all imported fruits for my favourites and not really in favor of all the local breds?

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  1. i love sweet fruits too! sour is not for me.. ;)