Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Snow fungus with red dates

Another of my creation; with the help of slow cooker....
I don't know why, I am using my slow cooker for every single thing...LOLs!

What you will need:
Snow Fungus
Lotus Seeds - optional
Red Dates
Sugar/Rock Sugar - as much as it suits your sweetness tolerance level
Gingko nuts - optional

Do not ask me about the amount; I am just estimating them accordingly
(I knew I should've used a bicker or a test tube to measure them accurately huh?)

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I think I left it boiling for 4-5 hours and it was all ready to eat.
If you want softer bites on the lotus seeds, then you should cook them overnight (as I was told)
Then you can add in the additional ingredients accordingly.

Sugar is definitely last; ahhhh, that I know through my learning!:)
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I am still not into cooking much...but I like these cookers...praises to those who invented these little helpers who have reduced the trouble in cooking:p


  1. I rely on guesstimate too when it comes to making 'tong-sui'.

  2. Claps Hi-5 to Tummythoz!:D

    My version is like this. I like it lembik one - 'collagen'.

  4. LOLs!! Cariso, that was one interesting way of looking at the snow fungus...hahaha:D
    Thanks for sharing the link!
    Collagen is good for promoting youth eh:D

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