Thursday, August 06, 2009

My first Red Bean soup!

Oh, I can cook now....hehehe

This is my very first specimen of the famous Ang Tau Th'ng (Red bean soup dessert)
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Not bad eh?
I do not like too sweet of a taste; and it came out just nice

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I did this on my own.....with the help of a slow cooker! :D
It's still considered my own cooking right? I washed the red beans and put them into the pot which I had filled with filtered water.

That's an effort and everyone starts with a baby step, right? :)


  1. Yup, a simple dessert for a good start!

  2. hehe everyone is learning to cook now!!!

  3. Did you put the beans overnight inside the fridge boiling?

  4. little inbox, and nutritious too!!~ :D

  5. Duckie, hahaha.....I am not really a fan of cooking, just thought that the slow cooker is a good assistant:p

  6. cariso, put beans overnight inside fridge boiling?
    If you mean inside the slow cooker, then yes, overnight...coz it's slowwwwww mar...hehehe:P

    I didn't put anything inside the fridge wor..