Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bee Hooi Coffeshop

During my family's last trip to Penang during the CNY break; Dear and I brought them to sample some local hawker food that my family loved so much.
Bee Hooi in Pulau Tikus is one coffee shop opposite the Belisa row; which is no stranger to the locals in Penang - especially the residents in Pulau Tikus.

Bee Hooi is usually available at night; and the crowds flock the place starting from 8pm onwards where most of the stalls are open.
Bro's Char Koay Teow (RM3.50) with big prawns...although bro mentioned the plate of CKT was smaller than expected..hehe
*Penangites prefer smaller portions:)
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This Char Koay Teow seems quite popular over there:)

Apom telur along the five-footway outside the coffee shop (5 for RM2)
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Fluffy and thin; it was not bad as well
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Fried Oyster or Or Chien (RM6)
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This was only on the average; and the stall was not that popular among the regulars as well.
However, I find it not that oily and was pretty acceptable;)

For breakfast, Bee Hooi is also open once in a while on weekends and again, also another popular hangout for the locals.
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Bro wanted to try out the Otak-otak (RM2)
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It was not too bad; although I never did like coconut milk stuffs.....so bro, dear and daddy had most of it:)
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Again, Char Koay Teow....this was from a different stall which only operates in the morning...
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Bro commented that this Char Koay Teow was only average compared to the night stall...

Coming from the same stall, the old lady sells Singaporean style of popiah in the form of Nyonya Pie Tee...5 for RM2
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Not bad....nice mengkuang char:D
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There's still plenty of food we have yet to try but so far, I find the place really popular and hugely favoured by the locals.
So don't forget to drop by to try this place....it isn't hard to find...just go along the road opposite the Belisa row; this is at the end of row with CIMB bank and it's next to the Klinik Luke:)
Let me know what you think then!


  1. Ah the otak-otak looks something like what I had in Lorong Seratus Tahun in SS2. Very good.

  2. Yea, the texture on the earlier char koay teow already proves that it taste better than the later one.

  3. Anonymous9:33 PM

    The 'Or Chien' looks really good... I can't seem to find any decent ones here in PJ... :(

  4. hmmm how come the pai tee has ketchup on top of it??

  5. simon, SS2? really...then I shall recommend to Penangites who come to KL!:D

    little inbox, WELCOME! You're definitely a pro; telling the taste of the food by the texture...hahaha!!
    Welcome to the critics' club:D

    kennymah, oooo....think the Or Chien is slightly different here in KL:p

    simon, for deco purpose i suppose!;)