Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Seafood at the End of the World

Last 2 months, before i left Penang, I had a be-earlieth birthday celebration with Dear; it was actually sort of a triple or quad celebration.
1. Dear's birthday
2. Valentine's Day
3. Anniversary
4. Personal reason
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Dear suggested to go all the way up Batu Ferringhi and somehow we ended at The End of the World; near the Muka Head area.
We stumbled upon this Chinese seafood restaurant which served Halal food.
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We ordered the Prawns in their special garlic or Mongolian sauce (RM30)
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Big and fresh prawns; really nice and succulent:)

We ordered a plate of green kale; fried with garlic:) (RM10)
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Crunchy and tasty, this is definitely a must-have to fulfill the green criteria in my meals:)

And last but not least, the steamed fish in Teochew Style (RM22)
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Total bill was about RM60-70; including our drinks; homecooked barley without sugar which the lady boss kept promoting.
The barley drink was cooked with winter melon; which was something I do not quite like.
However, the lady boss was really talkative but friendly:)

You will see this place all the way to the end; there's lots of Malays near the Muka Head area as well; or at least that's where I think it was;)


  1. the prawns and the fish!!
    if only i can have them now.... so hungry leh

  2. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Haiyo, your blog title gave me quite a shock: Seafood at the End of the World... I thought the world was coming to an end and this was my last chance at the ikan and the sotong... LOL

  3. ling239, must be reading this blog when you were starving!:P

    kennymah...haha, marketing technique mar, that attracted you to read! *winks*

  4. Okay, that's it. I have to go make something to eat.

  5. The boss's talkative maybe bcos she saw you with the camera :P

  6. cynthia...hahaha, want some seafood dishes?:p

    jason, hey, maybe that's it!! It didn't cross my mind:p

  7. i heard that the food in end of the world quite expansiv wor... unsure cz din go there b4.

    tomight gonna hv penang laksa n muahzi 'da-bao-ed' all the way back from penang

    so happy*