Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pasar Malam food

Night market is a trend here in Asia; most of the countries have proudly carried this unique culture for street markets at night for cheap bargains and down-to-earth prices of lower-end products ranging from food to clothes for the society.
Sadly,I should say, nowadays, even night markets no longer boast of really discounted or cheap bargains.

Anyway, just a peek into some local night market food
Muar Chee
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This is a delicacy made of glutinous rice; which were cubed and then sprinkled with peanuts.
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This is a type of pick and carry food; where you snack upon.
My mummy loves this.
In Penang, they even sprinkled with fried garlic

Lok Lok; or skewer food can also be found in night markets; yeah, they are going mobile on franchise now:)
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You can either choose to eat at the stall; or you can dip/cook and then take away with the sauce in a stereofoam box.

This is not the famous smelly beancurd(I CAN'T stand that!!)
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This is just a normal fried beancurd aka Tau Kua stuffed with sliced cucumber
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You dip into the chilli sauce or sweet sauce for condiment

I don't frequent night markets; but it's definitely a Malaysian or Asian culture to have all these brightly-lit stalls at nights near residential areas on a weekly basis:)


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    I love "mua chee" but I don't see it everywhere these days. One must keep track of which pasar malams have them... :(

  2. I love mua chee too. Usually I buy it from wet market on weekend.

  3. SS2 pasar malam also can find "mua chee" ^_^

  4. I miss Penang mua chi.

  5. kenny, really? I thought most pasar malams have them - but the stalls are usually small...probably went unnoticed?:p

    little box, I seldom see that in wet markets!:D

    ling239, yups..I guess so too, coz I know there's lots of Chinese especially "migrated" Penangites in PJ area:D

    simon, hehe...quick quick, plan a trip to Penang!~

  6. wah which pasar malam is this??