Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kurau Fish

Nicely cooked; the fresh and succulent fish fillets were fried to perfection
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I have always loved Kurau fish; and they are not easy to get by in restaurants.
I am a fish lover and I have expressed my favour in a few fishes; naming my own favorites.
Kurau is definitely one of them; also known as threadfin in English and Ma Yau in Cantonese.
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Kurau is also not a easy fish to prepare; and I kinda like the fish fillet style instead of the whole fish for this particular fish.
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Specially prepared tomato puree dressing (own recipe)
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It went really well with the fish; and it was scrumptious!:D

Stir fried capsicum or bell peppers with mixed vegetables
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A colorful array of vegetables
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  1. i do agree that this fish is good, but sometimes u get the 'hard' version from the market... where the meat is hard no matter what style u cooked =.="

  2. ling239, Yeah...agree too....it really depends on your luck!

  3. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Yummy... I love this fish... especially with a bit of fried-ginger-strands and soy sauce dipping. :D

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  5. I miss Ma Yau yue. It's tasty with just oil and soya sauce alone.