Friday, May 30, 2008

Fish Head Beehoon

The wet market in Kepong Baru is one of the busiest in the district; particularly during the weekends due to the variety offered to the busy working women and housewives alike to do their marketing.
Besides, raw vegetables, meat, seafood and fruits, there are also various hawker food stalls and coffeeshops in the market to feed the growling stomachs after a busy morning of marketing.
This particular coffeeshop is located at the corner; behind the Mobil petrol station.
The first stall sells fish head beehoon; cooked in milk (as practised in most fish head beehoon cooking style here in KL)
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Ordering a bowl of fish head beehoon is based on the headcount per order.
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Their servings are huge!
Or rather, as my dad was quoted; it was more of the large bowls used for serving the food:)

The serving of the beehoon and fish chunks are in abundance!
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For a serving of 2 pax, it costs RM10 for this whole bowl
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Not too milky nor too oily; it is not bad to start off with the day.


  1. hie.I didn't notice it before although im from kepong too =S
    Will go check it out when i back.

  2. since my fave fish head bee hoon stall featured on ho chak, i din visit anymore. know why?! the place is always very very pack/crowded n we have to wait up to weeeee hours. aiks... i miss it a lot

  3. Woot! Another place to eat near my area. But parking can be quite a hassle there.