Saturday, May 24, 2008

House of Pancakes

Yet another House of Pancakes found in Sunway Pyramid; in the old wing which offers a fusion of Filipino cuisine and pancakes.
The House of Pancakes originated from the Philippines and was tastefully decorated in a tangerine theme and emanating a sense of bright orangey feel which says "Welcome"
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The Filipino style of ABC ~ Halo Halo (Shaved ice with milk, jelly and fruits)
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It tasted rather sweet and overall on the average side; not really as interesting as it sounds.
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This is the small serving; RM4.50
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Of course, walking into a house of pancakes without ordering pancake will not do them justice.
They offer a short list of common pancakes; ranging from plain to fruity pancakes (or so it sounds).
The peach pancake - small serving for Rm10.90
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As indicated, only the name makes it sound peachy but in fact, it is just a plain pancake with 4 slices of peach and whipped cream on top of it; served with honey.
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I find it really intriguing that they named this Peach pancake when there is nothing special except putting the fruits on top of it.
I think they need to refurbish their menu; for instance: Pancakes served with Options (A-Z)

One of the mains; Salmon Fillet
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Thinking it was just served in western style, I was really surprised when it came with an extra serving of rice and the salmon fillet was just a side serving.
For RM16, I don't think this is worth it:(
Furthermore, the salmon fillet somehow tasted weird in the mouth.

When the waitress came over to collect the plates and handed the bill, she courteously asked me about my opinion of the food.
I was ..."ERMMMMM....."

*Think this is just not my cup of tea....shall stick with Paddington House of Pancakes*


  1. It's a been awhile I did not visit the pancake shop. Wonder should I go back again?

  2. I do enjoy their pancakes, went to the one in Hartamas Shopping Centre.

  3. yet to try their pancakes,
    and i guess better just stick to ordering pancakes...

  4. wah, you like pancake so much, u blogged about paddinton pancake before right?

  5. nkotb, can try their other man's meat can be another's poison ;)

    wmw, really? You prefer them to Paddington?:p

    ling239, yeah:)

    simon, actually not a fan of pancakes...I was only there to try others:D