Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Where to go for CNY Yee Sang?

I need a bit of help here...and of course, recommendations from all the experts here... on which is the best restaurant (Chinese) to go for a scrumptious meal and good Yee Sang to toss our way to prosperity? =)
(Of course, with good prosperity on the purse/wallet as well =)

Preferably KL, and I hope to hear from everyone soon!~ =D

Thank you all dear fellow floggers....and wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!~


  1. House Of Tang at Bangsar .... Checkout my post at http://www.foodpoi.com/2010/01/alternate-home-dining-location-at-bangsar-house-of-tang/

  2. Ken, thanks for being the first to shed some light on this!!! =D
    That goes on my list...and your post looks great!! (as usual;)

    Keung Hee Huat Chai to you ;)