Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dinner @ Eden

When a Hongkie friend was in KL City, I was more than happy to meet up with him and answer any questions on our country which fascinates him.
However, when it comes to where to eat in KL around Pavilion, now you've got me there.
Traffic was bad (it was a weekday) but a quick thought came into my mind, isn't there an Eden across the street?
Thanks to Eden for building their restaurant there!:)

The fried calamari (RM15) was a good starter; and I find it tastefully placed in an order on the plate as well.
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Taste wise, they were pretty fresh and crunchy but yet soft on the inside to give you that springy taste of squid.

Carrot juice, full of carotene and good for the skin and eyes:)
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Grilled seafood (RM45) was a wise choice as it was laden with assorted seafood and the aroma was really enticing.
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From left to right: calamari rings on the left, 2 proportionately-sized snapper fish fillets, 2 grilled tiger prawns atop mashed potato, corn cob, baked mussel with cheese, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.
And of course, some tartar sauce to go along with.

During my dinner, I noticed there was a couple at the next table and the lady was also snapping pictures of each plate of food which was served.
Anyone of you floggers who were there on the same night?:)

After satisfying our appetite with the kingdom from the sea, it was time for dessert.
Although I am not one for desserts, but why spoil the fun, right?
So we went for this
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The fruity apple crumble
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It was still really hot when it arrived but I find the idea of combining it with cocktail and ice-cream really refreshing to create that perfect dessert for the palate.

The total bill for 2 was about RM80-90++ and I must thank my friend for the treat.
Eden has always been famous for seafood; particularly their lobsters and it's really enticing that they have outlets in several places in Malaysia.

This outlet is definitely worth a try as it has a wonderful ambience and the lighting provided a rather romantic atmosphere.
It was also a good place for friends to catch up with each other as well:)

Rating: 4 out of 5


  1. where they were located previously at where Pavilion is, we used to go thr for the sharksfin soup !! hahahaa.......

  2. Haha...poor them ya, relocated by force:p

    Sharksfin? ling, save the sharks! (LOL!)

  3. I have yet to try the one in Penang. Perhaps I'll make it a trip for a treat =P