Thursday, April 16, 2015

These Muffins are meant to be Eaten, or for Easter

It is just one thing to buy muffins from the store, and another to have them as surprise treats presented to you (and the family).
I am a fan of muffins, well, kind of anyway, as like most of the things that I like, I am quite particular with the types of muffins and how I really want them to be like.
I don't appreciate sweet stuffs; I really do not, and I could even feel nauseous if it is just too sweet for me.
I don't like it to be too mushy either; you know the kind where it is an in-between of stale hard and squished soft with that extra moisture, especially moisture, I could throw the whole thing away if there is that moist because it just makes me feel sick to the stomach.
Yes, I can't stand it when my pastries are just too moist; especially when it comes to muffins, but that's me.

It is again, really hard for me to find a place which sells or even bakes really good muffins, but there is this girl who is just so passionate and spends her time learning and perfecting her baking that she saved me that effort from the search.
She is really busy with work too, and that itself brought more meaning to the lot she specially prepared and baked for occasions and even occasionally, just to share her passion with everyone.
I love that the muffins were baked with careful thought put into it, and that itself scored higher than most off-the-shelf muffins I bought from bakeries and confectioneries.

This year's Easter was made special with this special batch of muffins; and I loved the flavors and theme altogether.
She just knows how to tug at my heartstrings and my picky tastes.

Now, how could anyone not fall in love with such a warm combination of colors; vibrant and just screaming of exuberance while appearing temptingly soft in that just-out-of-heaven kind of appearance?


Starting off with this Carrot with Walnut Muffin, which is just so adorably sized (and shaped)!

Bright orange with that smooth reflective top is just striking indication of the softness of the muffin sparingly filled with little walnuts in it.
The dome-shape is just a unique presentation of this simple appearance of the muffin.
Never judge the muffin by its dome shape, for the tiny threads of carrot strips line the insides of the muffin with the little beads of walnuts embedded in them.


There is just no photo to show the inside of the muffin (I should have snapped one before it was devoured), but it was perfectly justifiable for the petite size just makes for a few bites before it just disappears down the trachea.

The Carrot muffin was a warm starter, but my heart was truly captured by this Green Tea Muffin with Red Beans!
I am just so obsessed with anything in this combo; it is just perfect to melt my heart - of course, if it was done right.


Everything in this muffin was handmade, and done from scratch; including that gorgeous top overlay of red bean paste.
If there is anything I could accept mashed, it's definitely this red bean paste.
It is so hard for me to find this muffin baked with the exact combination and the ones I have found were somewhat lacking in that satisfaction factor for my personal tastes.
This aspiring baker definitely found that tweak in her recipe to make it tailored to satisfy that picky taste buds in me; with that moderate texture of the green tea muffin complemented by the sweet and thrilling taste of the red bean paste.
It was not too sweet, and there were no additional sugar or sweetener added into it.
I would love a little more green tea packed into it and just a little softness or slight percentage of moisture perhaps?
But that's just me.


It was just so good, that I even tried to save one for the next day, and I was just so disappointed when I got home and the only one left was the carrot muffin.


I am sorry, you do look a little sad but I just cannot help it.
Alone you may be the star, but next to the other, you are in second place.

No offense, for I don't hate the carrot muffin; I just wanted and craved for that green tea with red bean version.

Yes, it is definitely good enough to "Share and Enjoy"


I think I need to request for another batch of muffins, personally for me and keep them away from the rest of the family?

Just kidding....or Not...


Note: I don't bake these, they are baked by a talented baker who is someone very dear to my family.
If she is accepting orders, I will let you guys know.

This is not exactly a review, but more of a sentimental post dedicated to my new muffin love.
Even muffins got to have some love, and of course, thank you dearest baker; that beautiful girl who always bakes for our family for this wonderful treat, for Easter.

It is definitely meant for Easter, and to be eaten....

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