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Magnum-imous Treats at Magnum Cafe

There was a huge buzzing hype a while ago, when this world famous and highly exclusive themed cafe landed on our turf in the capital city.

Magnum Cafe (yes, if you are thinking of the luxuriously chocolate-plating coat over soft chic-flavored ice cream and no, if you thought of the lottery brand) IS that reason for the swooning crowds and the anxiety of anticipation overwhelming the air everywhere, when news of the opening is confirmed. Fans or not, almost everyone is in a frenzy over this cafe.

I am sure everyone is a fan of ice-cream, well, at least majority out there lest you are lactose intolerant or on a diet, or just another pickyeater *clears throat*

Putting aside the fact that almost every one (young or old) is an ardent/lifetime fan of ice cream, it is also interesting to note that Magnum Cafe are only found in only a few carefully handpicked countries; making it even more privileged than ever (perhaps one of the best marketing strategies out there).


I can understand, almost, the reason for all that hype and the need to lust after such exclusivity.
Magnum has definitely positioned themselves as almost that iconic brand of ice cream, in a luxurious way.

Following the success of its first outlet in Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, Magnum Cafe was definitely convinced by its huge fan base in the country which propelled them to launch their second outlet in the neighboring county; in the fairly new IOI City Mall, located in the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, which is also a rather young addition to the count of states in the nation.
It makes sense to target this district; where the country's administration is centered and is identified as the nucleus of the country, setting the state to be one of the most advanced and important city in the nation.

One can opt to queue for that quick fix of a taste of Magnum luxe on the tips of their tongue at the ice-cream takeout counter fronting the cafe and enjoy that treat of watching their ice cream making in action by the specially trained ice cream artisans (well, not quite so, but they are supposedly trained anyway).

The ice cream counter may conjure that impression closer to the image of the usual Magnum soft and creamy ice cream coated with the unmistakably delectable Belgian Chocolate plates on the outside (a tribute to its European origins - Magnum is owned by Unilever, a British/Dutch company), giving that casual outlook to one that could be associated with this usually off-the-shelf available ice cream.
The long queue could put one off too, especially on weekends, and puts one's mind to thoughts of the privileged youth these days who are obviously taking the notion of living their lives to the fullest to the depth of the meaning, indulging in life's simple pleasures; even if it means paying more for a regular ice cream which could cost thrice lesser than the version served at a well-themed cafe.
Including tax, of course.

Magnum Cafe is of course, not just that.
It is not just an ice cream booth, nor just a counter like your everyday ice cream counter found on corners of the street.
Close, but not quite almost the same concept, for after all, there is always that extra kick required to live up to one that earned the title of Cafe.

Take a walk away from the counter and follow the curve of the outer part of the cafe (if you are walking on the outside), and be welcomed by the other entrance which is where the real cafe resides.

Like any other cafe, you are bound to have the takeout area and then, there is that dining area.

This part is the real cafe; the Magnum Cafe which is elegantly styled to provide that selection of meals made for seated dining.
Yes, these days, even ice creams are made gourmet style and you actually sit down to a proper ice cream meal. No sloppiness allowed please.
Use your forks and knives, and don't forget the napkins.
Just kidding, or, almost.


The Magnum Cafe showcased the real reason of its popularity and allure which made it highly lusted after all around the world, aside from the fact that it's sparsely located in only specific locations.
Plush cushions and artistically designed interior gives the cafe that air of luxury and sophistication.
One may easily forget that they are actually in an ice-cream themed cafe, for its stylish settings set the tone more suited for high tea and classy dining.

The menu quickly set in to establish that image of the cafe, joining in with the presentation of creatively crafted food (yes, they also serve a modest variety of food and you could actually have a meal here besides desserts) and of course, the eye candy; the real mccoy itself and the star of the show/cafe - the iconic Magnum ice cream.

It is quite an eye opener to see the many varieties they offer; fully unleashing the potential (not quite hidden anyway) of this chocolate temptation, on the stick so familiar to the world.
One could be spoilt for choices by the many dazzling choices, especially if you are already one with a sweet tooth, have a soft spot for desserts, or simply an ice cream fan - make that a Magnum one, to laud your own loyalty when you are on its turf.

I am quite impressed by the quick thinking of the creators of the cafe, and especially the one behind the menu.
I mean, when you have a special dessert concoction to complement the hard frozen creamy white chocolate Magnum to create this unique opus titled Magnum soup (MYR22), you know you're getting somewhere and that is definitely not any ordinary cafe.



The soup is just one of the eclectic mix; with the combination of sweet and creamy (from the ice cream) and chewy (glutinous rice balls) and a few accomplices in the form of rice crackers, this is the recipe for a stunning yet relishing masterpiece.



It is equally stunning in its visuals, and is truly an eye-catching, taste pleasing work of art.


The Magnum Triple Choc Cookie Skillet (MYR30) is ready to warm your heart with its hot cookie dough which is feisty with that crusty taste fresh from the oven, and I really mean, right out of the oven straight to the table. Served ala brownie mode, the first few bites are bound to burn your tongue if you are not careful. Even the tray/plate is hot on the sides, keeping the dough warm all the way with each and every bite; a surefire way to beat that chill from the air-conditioning in the cafe.


The doubly stacked Magnums on top of the melted chocolate chips embedded in the baked cookie dough is the direct giveaway to the triple choc theme.

It is truly a luxurious treat; triple the indulgence of it all.

The gourmet styled ice-cream themed desserts are filling enough, especially when one comes after a meal, looking forward to soothe that sweet tooth.
Portions are made for sharing, and prices are definitely on the steep side, due to the carefully crafted masterpieces of each creation on the menu.
It is the effort which made up the uniqueness of each and every dessert, to earn it that specialty crown and of course, making it subject and rightful to charge that extra bucks too.
For the effort.

For die-hard Magnum ice cream fans, they are definitely pleased or over the moon to find that they are actually given that dream to create their own Magnum, the way they want it, with the "Make My Magnum" popularized and conceived by the people behind this cafe, to add to that craze and obsession with the indulgent original Magnum ice-cream.



Since this is your own creation, you can go crazy with the choices to design your very own decadence, styled with luxury.
Well, almost, since there are almost 250 ways to choose from, at the counter itself.

Each stick now costs MYR9.90, but it is bearing your identity; even if it is selectively from their ingredients.

For less hassle, there is also that ready recommendations from their signature Magnum classics.


Black Forest 

Enjoy extreme chocolate indulgence with the marrying of chocolate brownie and dark chocolate topped with enjoyably chewy bites from petite marshmallows, crushed oreos and be sizzled with exotic tastes of the freeze dried raspberries.




Golden Flower
Classic Vanilla Magnum topped with an unique combo of popcorn, gold nuggets and culinary rose petals make this a really catchy blend and visually stunning in its colors too.



To say that Magnum Cafe offers simple pleasures of life is undermining the real talent of the conceptual theme, and definitely not justifying the notion behind this brilliant brainchild which started that Magnum ice-cream mania around the world.
Those few selected countries which made it to host the Magnum cafe are fortunately privileged, to say the least.

Simple pleasures of life start with an ice-cream perhaps, but sinful and luxurious indulgence to leave that deep longing with every lustful, savory bite and rich creamy trail trickling down one's throat to trigger that inner passion for sweetness, Magnum might just be the answer.

Ice cream trucks, parlors and booths are the trends, but Magnum Cafe has definitely set that vogue for the ice cream world.

*This is not a place for the weak-willed and weight watchers*
You have been warned.

Magnum Cafe are in 2 locations in Malaysia:-
1. Mid Valley (3rd Floor, South Court)
2. IOI City Mall

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  1. I've never been though I am a huge Magnum fan. The prices a bit scary....

  2. Hey Baby Sumo, I have to agree, the prices are quite steep for just desserts though they are luxuriously styled and branded, but seems like that's the trend these days.
    Furthermore they have taken to that international mania and also, the exclusivity, so that's the price to pay, I guess :-P