Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Tastes of Thai with love from Annathai Kitchen

Nestled in a merry neighborhood with just a stone's throw away from the Pulau Tikus Market is this humble house turned into a restaurant, known as Annathai Kitchen.
Surrounded by the rowdy sounds of the metal and ongoing construction taking place in the area, Annathai seems unfazed by it all as all is peaceful and calm when one steps into their unpretentious abode.


There is definitely no frills about their simple interior; filled with neatly arranged tables and chairs set against the glossy finished walls decorated with black and white scenes of the old Siam glistening under the soft lighting. While the interior was just kept to the bare minimum, it was more than sufficient to create a relaxing ambiance and I was quickly made to feel at home.




Green Salak Syrup - also available in red (MYR3.50) and Home cooked Water chestnut (MYR2.00)

The green syrup is a drink favored among the Thai, as we were told by the Thai lady who took our orders, and it also comes in a red version. The drink is slightly sweeter in taste and will be better appreciated by those with a strong penchant for sweet drinks.
The water chestnut drink is a good option to chill and refresh one's senses; with the grounded chestnuts and in the lightly diluted juice.

Stir-fry Kailan/Kale with salted fish is one of the common vegetables we order and with the simple list of options for vegetables on their menu, this was the one which appealed to our interests and familiarity zone. Salted fish was definitely the salty factor; given its revelation in the name and it was served in a relatively home cooked style.



I cannot remember the name of the next dish; which was a unique presentation of prawns in their special sauce (MYR25.00)
While the prawns do not come in extravagant large quantities, they were good enough to feed portions of two and the light creamy curry sauce was an interesting complement to the juicy freshwater prawns.


On my first visit here, the Kang Som Fish (Seabass) (MYR45.00) was the one which left us perspiring from the spicy sensation which sends that hot thrill, numbing the tongue all the way to that warmth in the tummy. Perhaps it was my low tolerance for spicy and hot food, as this was already requested with a milder degree of spicy and yet, I was still in for a sapid peppery ride with each taste of the fish.
The fish was delicate in its flesh, signifying the well-steamed techniques applied in the process to deliver this appetite-tempting dish to perfection to keep the customers screaming for more, well, literally.



Another of my personal favorite choice of serving the fish, which I tried on my second visit was this Lemon Steamed Fish (MYR42.00) which is definitely another winner.
I love how the fish was steamed with careful thought to maintain the freshness and tenderness of its flesh while the sourish sweet and a light piquant note of taste in soup, composing of the zesty lemon juice enhanced with finely chopped garlic, chilies, coriander leaves and lime, seeped in effortlessly into the fish.



A Thai meal will never be complete without a good bowl of hot and authentic Thai tom yam soup and the Seafood Tomyam Soup was just the right companion to polish the meal nicely.


Another interesting appetizer to try at a Thai restaurant, though not every restaurant will offer it is the Mieng Kam which is a healthy and interesting way to start a meal the Thai way.


I am not sure if you have tried this; which is mainly composed of ingredients which includes vegetables and fried nuts, cucumbers to name a few placed atop leaves which can then be lightly rolled and enjoy with the special sauce to enhance the taste and whet one's appetite.
The uniqueness of this appetizer lies in the sauce, and is a good experience for those who are opting for a light way to commence a meal.

Annathai is definitely a household name to the Pulau Tikus neighborhood and has courted their very own customer base over the years they have been operating from the terrace house.
Run by the family, where the mother is the chef and a Thai daughter-in-law, Annathai Kitchen has definitely planted her roots in the hearts of the local residents, bookmarked as one of the simple and homey Thai neighborhood restaurant.


  1. The broth of the lemon steamed fish definitely delicious to be polished off :P

    1. Choi Yen, yup, really appetizing to the very last drop, Yums! :-D

  2. Food and drinks, everthing looks delightful!
    If I would have to choose a favorite, it would be most probably the sea bass.

    1. Daniela, I'd second that!! ;-)