Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Sweet Lil' Breakfast at Tedboy Bakery, Bangsar

I am not a regular brunch person; reason being I am always an early bird and I always start off the day with breakfast at the start of the day which is pretty much in the rising hours of the sun.
I take my meals according to the old-fashioned way where breakfast precedes the day followed by lunch, and that is the reason the concept of brunch did not seem to fit in, in any way with my personal lifestyle.

Typically when it comes to breakfasts, I have my regular favorites; particularly on weekends and it always, well, almost always, comes back to dim sum on the weekends. This round, for a change, I thought of trying out something else and there is just this place I have been wanting to check out personally for quite sometime.


Tedboy Bakery, located in the busy and hip neighborhood of Bangsar; along Jalan Telawi 4, is this much-talked about bakery and having heard of this place, I was keen to try and just enjoy something different for my first meal of the day fora change.
It was not hard to find this bakery cafe; facing the side of Bangsar Village Shopping Center, and the design of the cafe was kept to a simple minimalistic concept, though with that studio-inspired design in their interior.

The front of the cafe is the very heart of their business; which is the bakery while the tables and chairs are located at the back of the shop where patrons can just make themselves cosy while deciding on their options from the menu.





The O.J (Freshly squeezed plain Orange Juice - three oranges in total) (MYR7.90) was my choice to sweeten up the day. The juice was not overly sweet, and to my liking, with that hint of slight bitterness that you get from fresh orange juice in the aftertaste and I was quite amused with the adorable bottle they served the juice in.

I also liked that little extra thought they put in to serve with a glass with ice cubes and a straw, for one to slowly enjoy the juice in a more, let's just say, ladylike manner rather than gulping the juice in a rush and lose track of the bittersweet taste of the fruit juice.


Green Tea Latte Ice (MYR10.90) is a sweet blend of green tea espresso with milk; and was quite a good combination though it was tad a little too sweet for my liking. The strong taste of the green tea is testament that the drink was not diluted in any way.


Carrot Cake (MYR6.90) is boasted to contain more carrots than anything else in their menu, and with such a description, I was pleased to find that they could keep that to their record.
This slice of cake is not to be simply underestimated for its size tells nothing of the condensed and well-compressed amount of carrot slices packed in its every bite. If you are a fan of walnut, you will be delighted with the pea-sized walnuts found in the cake too. It was quite a firm cake, layered with the light cheese in between and decorated with a cute little icing in the shape of a carrot atop the cake to indicate that this is their carrot cake.



Salmon Mix Green (MYR17.90) is a satisfying toss of fresh greens varying from lettuce, cabbage, cherry tomatoes laced with generous slices of slightly smoked salmon (the way I like it) then lightly drizzled with a sweet honey dressing. The sweet dressing could be minimized in its amount although the naturally salty taste of the salmon slices countered that in a graceful manner.
I simply could not get enough of this salad, and I must say this is by far, one of my personal favorite salad with them smoked salmon.



Chicken Wrap (MYR12.90)
The winner here is the soft and freshly made crepe wrap with that light hint of eggs complementing the chicken slices and ham inside, served with a serving of fresh garden salad on the side.




A simple but gratifying way to kick start the way and after my experience here, I can see why they made their way to the hearts of their fans.


Simple, homey and made with love are just the humble offerings of Tedboy Bakery,

I can see definitely see myself coming back again soon....



  1. Ooh, a girlfriend raves about this place. I still haven't been though...

    1. Maybe you should drop by sometime, I enjoyed my quiet time there :-D