Monday, March 31, 2014

Taiwan Food Diary: Rolled pancake (Ban Cheng Kueh)

I was prepared to be greeted with the varieties of food on the streets of Taipei; and I was not disappointed as I have mentioned again and again in all of my posts about all the stalls spotted (though some illegally) everywhere.

While in Ximending, I have also spotted this particular stall operated by a young girl; probably in her teens or early twenties, selling pancakes.

These are uncommon in my country; in fact it was one of the favorite street food too popularly found in the morning or night markets back at home.
They are known as Pancakes, or Ban Cheng Kueh (in Hokkien); just as it is known in Taiwan too and they are made of an egg and flour batter, where they are then baked on little pans before sugar, chunks of butter, grounded nuts and a dollop of canned sweet corn are added on top of it.
Nowadays, the people behind this pancake is getting creative; introducing new flavors such as red bean, chocolate, strawberry if you are not into the original flavor as described above.

This stall caught my eye not because it was serving something which I can find in my own country; but rather, they were quite creative to make rolls of pancakes; as in, they just roll the dough and make them into Pancake rolls, like these:-

It was not too expensive, and I got myself one; and since I am a fan of red bean, there is no prize for guessing which flavor I went for.
(The triangular shaped pancakes are cut from the whole round pancake just like slices of pizza; and they are always best in the original flavor of grounded nuts with corn).

My Rolled Pancake oozing with the generous amount of red bean paste; at only TWD$200

Yup, eat it just like that, right on the street....(I don't usually do this, LOL), but again, everything seems fun when you are traveling, so just trying how it is like, that people just eat right on the streets!~

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