Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homecooked Food Diary: Blackened Snapper Fillet with thick plum sauce

This is as good as it sounds; and fish is always my personal favorite dish to look forward to, at any meal. I am blessed to be surrounded by good cooks (as I am definitely not a talent in the kitchen), and those who take note of my special preferences in food as I am often presented with all the good food made with all the love and thoughts from these wonderful people around me.

Blackened fish was a creation from my mother-in-law's kitchen where she experiments with different styles of cooking and sauces; depending on her haul from the morning market each day. She is one lady who really enjoys cooking, and making simple dishes at home, nothing complicated as she just likes taking it easy, as she says.

Plum sauce and the right amount of pan frying was all it took to whip up this dish; with the snapper fillet (the catch, or the buy of the day, from the market) being marinated and then lightly pan fried to create a little grazed on the cheeks of the fillets, before being served with the thick plum sauce concoction poured over the fish and of course, the accompanying fish balls and cakes atop the romaine lettuce leaves.

Well, that's basically how it tasted like to me, and I am no recipe girl as this is just a simple dish which I enjoyed and would like to share, or, perhaps to tempt your appetites?

Really, nothing beats home cooked food....and especially fish...which can be just so costly to order from the restaurants out there these days, with the ever increasing trend of the prices of commodity items and food.
So, guess we will be spotting more home cooking from food blogs? *winks*

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