Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kafe Dajie Dessert House

Found a little(not so little actually; there's actually 2 shop lots to form this place) dessert house on Church Street; the road which faces the famous and oldest temple; Temple of the Goddess of Mercy (more fondly known in Hokkien as "Kwan Yin Teng" among the local Penangites).

The famous Temple of the Goddess of Mercy in Penang; one of the oldest temple in Malaysia as well. The road where this shop is located is the road directly facing the temple.
Saw this shop a couple of times when I roam around that area that night but somehow it was always closed. The operating hours are actually from 9am-7pm only which relates to why I never see it open since I only go there after work; normally even after dinner which it during the 7pm time frame - exactly when it ends its business hours.
Weird that dessert house should close this early; but then again, the area around the Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling is pretty quiet at night; since most of them there are into either Money Changer business and close early. Even the temple closes in the evening; which according to my mom is due to the antique collections of the deities' statues in the temple which is way too valuable. Thus, I guess that is the main reason this dessert house closes early as well.

I walked into the shop, expecting some fancy settings or at least some unique and relaxing environment. However, besides the air-conditioned shop, I think it's pretty much plain for a dessert place where it's "all sweet and everything's nice" type of place. To me, it looks just like any ordinary kopitiam and a normal environment.
What attracted me were the shaved ice dessert and also those hot traditional desserts they have such as the red bean, gingko with soy sheets, sweet potato, etc.
We went to look for a table in the second shop and sat by the window. Then we waited for a while and observed another table which had 3 ladies enjoying their dessert and snack.
A lady in her mid-40's approached us and handed us the menu which consists of the light meals such as fried noodles, rice, etc. I browsed through the menu and find that they had limited choices for desserts and light meals which probably explains the popularity. I was deciding between the Soursop, Strawberry and Kiwi shaved ice and opted for the Soursop in the end. Reason is simple; I tried this out in Singapore while on a business trip early this year and kinda liked it. My friend wanted to order another one but I warned that it is better to try it out and furthermore we were there at an odd hour; almost towards lunch. Initially we planned to have our lunch there since it had that Vegetarian banner and there was also the mention of light meals - we thought it would be okay since I am not a meat-eater and they have desserts anyway :)
However, we were tad a bit disappointed with the menu and decided to go somewhere else for lunch. Therefore, we had to restrict ourselves to tryout mode and beckoned to the lady to take our order. Man, my friend told me her face turned sour when she heard we are only ordering one single shaved ice...and tried to ask whether we are interested in the light meals. Telling her that the menu does not suit us, she walked away with our one single order....(haha, kinda bad of us too, huh?)
Anyway, the shop looked pretty clean and well kept as we noticed the Indonesian maid cleaned up well.

Soon, our dessert came and it looked...icy....they topped it with a slice of peach and 2-3 cubes of fruits (small pieces).

A view of the shaved soursop ice dessert.

Tasted normal but I would say it is a little pricey for RM4 since they did not give much of the soursop anyway and in this area (Penang), it would be expensive. Guess that is why the Penangites; despite their sweet tooth for food, do not come flocking to this shop.

Me posing with the soursop ice...not as nice as the one I tried in Singapore :(

Then we paid up and left the shop and I noticed some local delicacies; locally made "cakes" (kueh) which were placed near the counter which included curry puffs (RM1 each - very expensive - my friend grabbed one of these and according to him, it is not worth the price as it is so not tasty as well:p).

There are also the common bowl cakes, chocolate cakes, vegetarian cakes, crackers and that's about it.
Forgive the blurry images; I was leaving the shop.

These are the menu of the shaved ices they have; I wanted to take of the other menu anyway but there is this couple sitting by the door who gave me those gawky looks when I took the pics so I just hurried off.
I will probably come back again to try out the other items and provide another review :)

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