Monday, July 11, 2011

Back with Goldfish prawn dumplings

I am finally back, though not fully as I am still occupied with some moving and stuffs like that; but I am gonna try to resume my blogging mode as soon as possible to normal:)

It's been a really busy week, and I am sorry that I really was unable to update though I thought I could squeeze in some posts in-between:(

Anyway, I am finally back today, and I have some cute stuffs to share:)

The post title probably triggered that curiosity in you; and some may have already screamed, "WHAT, call the SPCA on this, goldfish are now made into dumplings?"

Well, hold that thought, because no goldfish were harmed in this cute little dim sum introduced in my local dim sum joint in Penang, as you will see in the following.

(This is not a post on the restaurant, but rather on the interesting and good dim sum I tried and liked. Anyway, I have posted a lot of times on Loong Kee restaurant in Penang, and there will be more full-length posts on them soon too:)

The restaurant, Loong Kee is an old-fashioned coffee shop style of dim sum restaurant located in the central of Penang town and is one of my local dim sum haunts.
I have tried most of their dim sum and you can find that I have posted on their dim sum more than once if you click on the dim sum category found on the right side of this blog.

They came up with a new creation of prawn dumpling last two weekends (they only serve varieties of prawn and seafood dim sum on weekends and public holidays).

Introducing to you, the Goldfish Prawn Dumpling! (RM3.50)
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The prawn dumplings were made into goldfish-like shapes and definitely not using goldfish as an ingredient itself!

See how they shaped the crystal-like outer wrapper into the goldfish shape?
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They even added wolfberries for that goldfish popping eyes effect!:)
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Cute? They tasted good too!:)

If you are not into the deco for dim sum, they serve the normal prawn dumplings or you can opt for something like this too; with the 'Siew Mai' wrap.
They call this 'Har Mai' (prawn dumpling in Siew Mai style)
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Besides prawns, I love the simple red chili stuffed with fish paste with the fermented soy bean sauce in the local Yong Tau Foo style:)
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I love dim sum, and I could have them for breakfast everyday if I could!:)


  1. Welcome back!

    "and definitely not using goldfish as an ingredient itself"

    Haha, I did wonder at first when I read the title :D Look delicious as always though - makes me look forward to dinner :)

  2. Ohhh I miss all this a Sunday Breakfast! I need to get up early this weekend and enjoy them with my family!

  3. Yes and yes...I love dim sum and never get enough of it.
    Have a wonderful week ahead Christy :-)

  4. Welcome back and goo thing you clarified the goldfish issue!

  5. Dim Sum! Who doesn't love them a little goldfish dumpling from time to time? :) I am actually going to meet up with my good friends this Sunday for a Dim Sum feast, your posting made me really looking forward to this weekend!

  6. Looks very cute and very edible!

  7. MM , I think that if I start trying these meals right now , I will not stop until they are all over and my belly is huge!

    Handy Moves

  8. Very tasty!Just want to try all of them!


  9. Oh looking at ur lovely Dim sums i could have them every day too :-)
    Lovely blog n so happy to meet u :-)

  10. Anonymous3:06 AM

    They resemble goldfish indeed! Very interesting twist of the original recipe!


  11. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Wow.. Dim Sum.. one of my fav.. yum yum...
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  12. red chili stuffed with fish paste with the fermented soy bean sauce this look nice

  13. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Oh , this is really a very elegant and delicious suggestion , I want to prepare it , but I doubt I will manage to succeed... At least I will try!

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  14. Love it, love, it, love it. I wanna try it right now!


  15. i love that.. especially in the morning..