Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Seafood Buffet

Last Friday we went to the Berjaya Hotel in Midlands One-Stop Shopping Centre in Pulau Tikus to try out their seafood buffet dinner.
These hotels in Penang designed their daily buffets according to themes; for instance (for Berjaya), Monday is their East meets West Night (fusion and Mediterranean) style buffet, Fridays are their seafood theme and Saturday will be the steamboat dinner....can't really remember the themes for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays though:P
Anyway, the price here is pretty cheap compared to the other hotels on the island for a seafood buffet which could go up to ~RM85 per person.
Here, it's just RM35 per person and the variety was not too bad; let the pics do the talking....ermmm...forgive those blurry and not-so-good images, these were taken using a handphone camera:p
The Mee Udang station and these were the ingredients for the mee udang; seems like Penangites do love this Malay-style Mee Udang :)Too bad my friend was too full to try it out but he mentioned that the soup looked unappetizing and also doesn't smell too nice...hehe.... We had ample time to walk around since we were the earliest diners there...:p Chilli crabs.....tasted not too bad...again, they gave the cheaper version of the crabs...the flower crabs which are also easier to be consumed as it is naturally a soft-shell type of crab.

Prawns with butter oats; it was pretty good as well:)
Salmon fillet in creamy and thick sauce....not too good; lost the taste and freshness of the fish:p

Golden ring squids; too oily.....but the squids were in large rings though....

Gulai Salted Fish...

Fried rice; nah...just plain fried rice...not seafood fried rice...

Fried mantis prawns....looks nice but it was actually over-fried....the prawns became too hard and crispy that it lost the freshness and sweetness of the's no easy feat to cook this mantis prawns; so far I still claim the one in my hometown; there's 2 of them; MGF and Chin Kee which are pretty good in maintaining the freshness and juicy taste of this prawns...will blog about that another time:)
Spicy Sambal fish...this was not too bad....hehe...if I take out the skin since most of the ingredients are trapped beneath the skin. My friend told me it was extremely spicy but I just enjoyed the not too spicy for me...however, I do find the flesh was also a little overcooked....seems like the fish here is disappointing..too bad for a fish lover like me:(
Anyway...I am definitely not a fan of spicy food:p

Finally some vegetables....stir fry cabbage in kunyit sauce...which explains the yellowish colour of the vegetables...haha....not bad...

Seafood tomyam soup...haha...only seafood I see is strips of fish cake and also fish balls....this should be a fish tomyam soup...:p
Too spicy; too oily but the aroma was quite strong for tomyam; not too bad actually...

Ooo...on the right was the seafood kerabu fave of the night and look what I found as well; the purple cabbage...usually I only find these in hotel buffets...:)

Stay tune for the next part on the desserts:P

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